Sources of Fiber

Fiber is thought to fill a person up thus regulating appetite.

I’ve Googled sources of fiber and amounts. Buy a 2-cup measuring cup and you can measure the amount of food you’re cooking or using.


15.6 gm per cup cooked

Black beans:

15 gm per cup cooked


8.8 gm per cup cooked


5.1 gm per cup boiled

Brussels sprouts:

4.1 gm per cup boiled


5.5 gm per medium fruit raw


8 gm per cup raw


7.6 gm per cup raw


6.7 gm per half raw

Whole-wheat pasta:

6.3 gm per cup cooked

Taken from Greatist website.

The Greatist website appears to be legitimate. It evens features kettle bell exercises you can do and body weight exercises you can do.

I’ll be back next week with sources of protein.

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