Brooklyn Health and Performance

Circa seven months ago I wrote about Brooklyn Health and Performance here.

It’s located in South Slope in Brooklyn, NY. I write about it again for all my New York City readers and followers.

Every so often a magazine lists the Top 15 Fitness Centers here. They cost a ton of money and people who follow trends flock to them because the fitness centers are hip like SoulCycle.

Brooklyn Health and Performance delivers state-of-the-art or should I say science coaching that starts with an individualized fitness assessment. No calipers thank you. The Head Coach then creates a custom fitness program for you.

The best service the fitness center offers is its Distance Coaching. You can use their distance coaching service even though you’re a member of another gym. The Head Coach will assess you and design your custom routine to use at your own gym.

Brooklyn Health and Performance has three restrooms with showers.

I recommend this gym 125 percent. I wasn’t fooled by the rough feel to the place. You know you’re in the right place when the fitness center boasts 100 pound kettlebells.Yes–100 pound kettlebells.

This gym doesn’t get crowded because it offers semi-private training. The membership fees aren’t steep yet you do get what you pay for: results that can’t be beat.

Go on the Brooklyn Health and Performance Website to see for yourself the benefits of joining this fitness center. Read the blog and read the detailed information about topics like weight loss and nutrition.

Get in on this boutique gym before everyone else does. You’ve tried all the rest now try the best.

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