Women’s Health Mental Health Issue

Women’s Health magazine’s May issue is out and p. 174 starts a detailed analysis of women and mental illness. May is Mental Health Awareness Month.

I do not disclose: you heard that right. I only disclose via the blog and the memoir and the public speaking I do.

The photos of the women in the magazine were of ordinary women with mental illnesses. One woman was admitted to a hospital and the nurse said: “You don’t look like someone with a mental illness.” The woman thought: “What am I supposed to look like?”

Go out and buy the May Women’s Health and read the mental health article. I subscribe to this magazine and have done so for the last five years. Most of the gym exercises they talked about I was doing long before they were talked about in the magazine.

I’m going to return to talking about recovery at mid life–promise. At that point I’ll talk about the number-one thing I started to do that turned my life around for the better forever. In keeping with this the next blog entry is going to talk about a fitness business I recommend 125 percent if you live in Brooklyn, NY. I wrote about this fitness center before and I had the pleasure to stop in to visit it to see for myself the benefit of joining.

In the fall I’m going to step up doing public speaking around my memoir Left of the Dial and for the second book I’m writing about recovery.

Kudos to Women’s Health–the best magazine of its kind–for braving to have a reporter write about women and mental health.

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