Organic Versus GMO – The Real Deal

We need to have a sane conversation about the real deal when it comes to organic versus GMO.

The number-one reason GMO crops should be verboten is because they require killer amounts of pesticides to be grown. In this way industrial agriculture is not sane.

Products should be labeled if they contain GMOs simply because people want to know.

Yet the current backlash against GMOS has resulted in clever food marketing by companies that advertise their products as non-GMO. This is false advertising because “USDA Organic”-labeled products are legally allowed to have 5 percent non-organic ingredients.

Reading their ingredients label you’ll see they use “natural flavor”– a chemical legally lurking in food even though it’s not natural at all–it’s a chemical.

So Curate Snacks is the latest ploy of so-called “Non-GMO” products billing itself as having “no artificial flavors.” That’s technically valid yet if you go on their website and read the nutrition facts they list “natural flavor.” A natural flavor is not ever Non-GMO.

This is all USDA-approved “smoke-and-mirrors” so that big business can get away with using chemicals without listing their chemical names.

The solution is to eat mostly 80 percent or higher food that comes from God’s green Earth.

Any kind of power bar like Kind, Luna, Clif, Skinny Girl, and now Curate are not organic.

In fact, the Non-GMO label is being slapped on any products to suggest they are–when the bottom line is: we all could do better by eating whole food–that is real food not chemical-laden garbage.

I do eat food that comes from GMO crops on occasion. I shop at Greenmarkets because of their “No Pesticides” signs for the produce. “No Pesticides” is the real deal in how crops should be grown.

Locally harvested food is the real deal–not crops transported thousands of miles across the U.S.via gasoline-guzzling trucks.

Fair trade sticker food is the real deal too. Sharing a meal you cooked with others is the real deal.

This is the last time I’m going to write about natural flavors. The topic is finito. I don’t want to keep throwing this spaghetti against the wall to see if it sticks.

I’ll end here with this compelling evidence:

Eubie Blake was quoted at 90: “If I knew I’d live this long I’d have taken better care of myself.”

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