Peer Supporter’s View

My good friend Myung wrote this on June 10, 2005: 10 years ago yet doesn’t it sound like something I’d write today.  He requested that readers give feedback on what he wrote.

In New York, there is a movement afoot to get peer advocates certified so they can bill Medicaid for their services.

Peer Supporter’s View:

We have been stigmatized since we got into the system. We are trying hard enough to get out of the system. In another way to express, we are in the pool. In order to survive, we must learn how to swim. We need to learn about system to use and to survive. We need to have good communication skills to express ourselves to others. We should not lock ourselves in the cage as a little singing bird. Within this stage, we are in good chance to problem solving. As peer supporter, we offer what they want and listen with good ears.

Impossible is nothing. We need to build up empowerment in our soul and mind. It will lead us to progressive lives. It will give us a chance to grow high. It will give us a opportunity to achieve our goals. Within this area, we should think positively and act positively. Keep in mind that We Can Do It. We learn from each other and each day. We need to be happy with each outcome and be satisfied about it. We need to have productive lives with daily activities.

We need to make the goals each day. With those outcomes, we need to satisfy about it. We must move on our stage from Mood Disorder to Mood Order.

We Can Do It.


Speak with someone who can trust.

Write a journal each day. Organize your mind.

Ask. There isn’t any dumb question at all.

Choose What You Want The Most.

Do What You Want The Most.

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