How To Flourish

I have ideas to other writers, to anyone who lives in the world:

You should sing your life, be proud of who you are, regardless of the critics, regardless of the fan club either way.

A trap exists to fall into when you sell your soul because in doing so you think you’ll be accepted:

Seeking approval is a no-win game, because the other person can set the hoop higher and higher that you have to jump through, or they can change the terms of what they’ll accept from you.

I understand this truth to be self-evident: mental illness is a shabby disease.  If I could be cured, I would.

Instead, I decided to flout the convention that says: you’re only good or worthy if everyone likes you.  That’s a game that can’t be won either.

All human beings need light and love and laughter.

It’s not easy to be rejected because you have a mental illness.  It’s not easy to go down this lonely road.

Yet deciding to sing your life changes everything.  Deciding to love yourself and others is the way to go. Hate can’t be fought with hate.  Love is the antidote.

This is how to flourish: do your own thing.

Decide that you’re going to be happy no matter what happens in your life and no matter what other people think of you.

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