Hang Ten

Is the expression “hang ten” to refer to chilling out?

Woodshedding is a way to rest and recharge your batteries at any time in your life when you need to make an emotional pit stop before continuing on the road of recovery.

You might have a bout of unemployment and need to do your best to motivate yourself to do what it takes to find another job.

I bombed out of a career in the gray flannel insurance field, cycling in and out of jobs in offices. Like a fish out of water.

If you’re a square peg, you’ll be miserable trying to fit into a round hole, as the expression goes.

Taking time for quiet reflection about what suits you and what doesn’t will go a long way in helping you create a happy life for yourself.

I will talk in future blog entries here about techniques featured in my book, Flourish: 9 Strategies to Thrive with a Mental Illness.

On Tuesdays I’ll give a technique and on Thursdays I’ll give a specific real-life example.

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