Recovering in the Time of COVID-19

I consider my target market to be everyone who wants to have a better life.

Not just people in recovery. For a moment though I want  talk in more detail about recovery in the time of COVID-19.

The remedy is that the action a person takes can aid them in healing right alongside the pills.

After the COVID-19 pandemic ends we can’t go back to judging people for taking pills. Nor can we revert to judging people who are making strides in their recovery by holding a job or having an apartment.

Cheers to everyone who wants to have a better life regardless of the severity of their illness or other hardship!

What I’m saying:

Our lives cannot be measured out in doses and disability.

We’re individuals with skills, abilities, and strengths. These things count more than the pill count in a bottle.

Everything I write in this blog is geared to empowering readers by giving you information you could use that might benefit you.

We will recover from the COVID-19 pandemic as well.

In coming blog entries I’m going to give more insight gained living through this crisis.

Good to know:

12-Step meetings are now being held via online video.

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