Making Prioritizing a Habit

One thing I’ve started to do as a coping mechanism in the time of the COVID-19 outbreak is to act strategic in planning what I need to do each week.

This sounds old-school yet prioritizing weekly activities has made all the difference.

In effect at the start of each week planning out what I want to do for that week. Right down to how and when I exercise and what meals I eat and when.

This isn’t a luxury afforded only to single persons without a family. Those of us with kids would benefit from slowing down and planning instead of  rushing about filling every hour of the day with busywork.

Years ago I read an online essay that a mother wrote about how she got off the activities treadmill with her family.

There were no soccer games on Saturdays in her house. Everyone lounged around in their pajamas instead happy at home.

In fact I think prioritizing “doing nothing” is imperative in our jam-packed lives.

Sheltering in place I’m reminded of the Italian ethic of dolce far niente or the sweetness of doing nothing.

One thing I’m making a priority too is enriching my mind. I’m devoted to picking out a couple of books from my new book pile and reading them.

Prioritizing might just give us back our sanity in a time of uncertainty.


Side note:

Folks: I might have led you astray. It’s now impossible to schedule FreshDirect or PeaPod to deliver anytime soon or at all in this crisis. This turn of events happened last Thursday. The time slots fill up within minutes if you’re lucky to get one.

The only way to order from FreshDirect is to go on their website at 12:15 a.m. And hope it doesn’t crash from the record number of people logging on.

Mi dispiace – I’m sorry.


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