The Truth About Work

I uphold the confidentiality rule when helping people create resumes and conduct career searches.

In a general way though I can tell you that sometimes what you like and want to do isn’t always suitable for a career.

You might want to paint religious figures or sew clothes.

Yet how realistic is that when there’s no demand from an employer for Christ paintings?

What if you like and want to sew yet aren’t quick enough in doing that on a job?

Other options exist. Finding the right job takes a creative and resourceful approach.

This might sound old-school and maybe impractical yet sometimes you just have to do an internship or try out working at a few jobs to be able to figure out what career is not for you and what career you’d like to do.

When it comes to using your individuality to find the right-fit career it does involve sleuthing and taking a hard look and self-assessment at your strengths and weaknesses.

One job I recommend is working in a public library when you’re a quirky soul.

To be a librarian you need a Masters degree. Jobs in libraries also exist for tech-savvy individuals as computer assistants and technicians. These jobs might not require a degree.

At some libraries there are still positions available as clerks helping to process and check out books at the circulation desk.

For those of you who only seek part-time work you can get a paid job shelving books at a library.

In some library systems you can get a job as a library associate. You’ll be doing ibrarian work without a Masters degree as a library associate. The pay will be lower.

Best of all when you work in a public library you don’t have to dress in corporate clothes like you would at an office.

I’ll end here with this: I’ve become wary of using a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to telling every job seeker to do what you love as a career.

The solution is that other careers exist that can be perfectly fine for you.

In the next blog entry I’m going to talk about my own surprising finding about the type of career a person might be suited to.

The results will surprise blog readers.

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