Interesting Career Fit Information

I wanted to write about interesting career fit information.

In 2014 I took the Career MatchMaker quiz on the Career Cruising database.

Since I recommended that library patrons take this quiz I wanted to see what careers the questionnaire would give me.

You answer questions and are given a list of Top 40 Careers.

In my scenario: Writer, Motivational Speaker, and Activist were Very Good Matches.

The quiz can tell you if a career is a Very Good Match, Good Match, or Fair Match.

Interestingly Librarian was listed yet it was only a Fair Match.

I bring this up because nothing’s written in stone. I’ve been a librarian so far for over 18 years.

So I wanted to write about this quirk of career testing.

To give you encouragement in your own quest to find a job you’d like to do and would be good at.

Image Consultant was also listed in my Top 40 possible careers. It was a Good Match.

So you can see there’s a wide latitude you have when you embark on finding and choosing the kind of job or jobs you’d like to pursue doing.

I find it interesting that a person can work at a career that is only a Fair Match and be quite successful.



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