National Clean Out Your Closet Week

It’s National Clean Out Your Closet week.

I’ve always equated a neat apartment with a clear mind. Messy crib: crabbed thoughts. It might not be entirely true. Yet I’m convinced people diagnosed with mental illnesses need a clear path in our rooms to be able to enjoy our homes.

A home should be happy and healthy to live in.

I’ll share some feng shui tips that can clear your mind:

Only store clothes in bins under the bed. Storing papers and books and other things under the bed disrupts your thoughts.

As you search for an apartment, nix any building that is near electrical wires or a power station or on the side of a highway or on the dead end of a street or in the middle of the street where the street intersects another street.

Nix an apartment where you can see the door to the bathroom directly from the front door entrance of the house or apartment. And bathrooms at the front of the house or apartment are money-wasters. Put the lid of the toilet down not just the seat because in feng shui your money will go down the drain if the lid is left up. See about keeping the bathroom door closed too.

The flow of chi-pronounced chee-should be positive and flow beautifully not be stagnant or cut off. Sha chi or furniture or doorway configurations and doors that create sharp arrows against each other aren’t healthful.

The Chinese place woo foo dogs at the entrances of their homes to promote good fortune.

I will return on Thursday with closet storage techniques.

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