Closet Cleaning

I recommend weeding the contents of your closet in the winter.

The Salvation Army is the charity I send all my good-condition clothes to when I no longer wear them. Remember: only give to charity clothes that aren’t stained or in tatters and are in good condition for others to wear. The item should bring a smile to the face of a person when he or she is the recipient.

Get a tax receipt for you donations that lists every item you’ve donated. If you itemize things on your tax return, you can deduct the value of the donations.

After originally resisting, I went out and bought matching huggable hangers for the shirts hanging in my closet. I still use wooden hangers for blazers and wooden skirt and pant hangers for those items. Yet the flocked velvet thin hangers are visually neater. This could put you in a positive frame of mind when you view the contents of your closet.

The way to cut down the clutter is to not bring it into your house to begin with. Only buy items on sale that you would pay full-price for. You can get coupon codes for a lot of online clothing retailers to reduce the cost of buying the items.

I recommend reading the Life in Color book to figure out your ColorType and StyleType so that you’re able to choose and use clothes that flatter you and reinforce the image you want to project.

I have a 3-tiered shoe rack on the bottom left of my closet and four see-through storage bins on the bottom right of the closet. The bins store scarves of all kinds: each bin holds winter or spring or fall scarves. You can get these bins from The Container Store online.

A solution is to install a second rod above the lower rod to hang off-season clothes. This doubles your storage space in the closet.

You do not need a ton of clothes to be well-dressed and stylish. You only need to buy the clothes that fit your StyleType and are in colors that you look good in.

I will end here by telling readers that as hard as it can be: sometimes you just have to let go of those items you don’t wear anymore. If you can’t fit into them, donate them to charity and buy a couple new items in your current size that fit and flatter your body and suit your personality.

And too: an item of clothing might be past its prime. You might have gotten seasons of wear out of it only to no longer wear that item because it no longer suits you.

Arrange the items in your closet left to right from light to dark and hang like items together: skirts, pants, dresses, shirts and so on.

Organization upfront makes choosing and using your clothes easier each morning.

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