2023 Early Winter Upper Body Routine

  1. Bent-over kettlebell row (left side first, keep palms up) 10 pounds 12 each side
  2. DB upright row (holding two 5 pound DBs – stand upright and pull DBs straight up toward ceiling) 8 sets 12 reps
  3. Push-ups. (1 set standard – 2 sets modified on knees – shift weight forward to keep weight over hands) 3 sets AMRAP
  4. DB overhead tricep extension (hold DB s up to shoulder and extend only elbow to push up toward ceiling) 5-8 pounds 3 sets 12 reps
  5. DB bicep curl while holding DBs together (DBs stay touching) 5-8 pounds 3 sets 12 reps


High knees (25 seconds)


Plank (As long as possible)

Side to side medicine ball slams (20 slams)


core (ab) rotations with resistance band (can use leg of table to wrap band around)

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