2022 Early Winter Lower Body Routine

1.Wall / Door Squat: Standing against door slide down into squat position – then push back up to standing – holding weight at chest height close to body. (8-12 pounds – 12 reps – 3 sets)

2.DB Dead Lift: Holding dumbbells to the side with straight arms – squat / sit back and lower until dumbbells at mid-shin – chest and head up. (10-12 pounds – 12 reps – 3 sets)

3.Lunges with front foot elevated onto platform – no risers. (8 pounds – 8 each side – 3 sets)

4.Single Arm Kettlebell Swing: Same form as standard KB swing but with one arm – swing low and between legs. (10 pounds – 12-15 reps – 3 sets)

5.Calf Raises: Holding DB by your sides stand on toes then relax back to flat feet. (10-15 pounds – 15 reps – 3 sets)


Medicine Ball Slam: 15-20 straight throws


Angled Crunch with knees: 10 crunches each side

Burpees: 12-15 reps


Ab V-ups: arms and legs straight – bring together at top to squeeze abs

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