Hello Healthy Fat

The Health Coach I hired zoomed in on how I could boost my energy that had tanked:

“Have more protein and healthy fat at lunch and in the afternoon.”

Devorah said: “The carbohydrate bucket should be low.”

The exception is that sweet potatoes are a healthy carbohydrate.

How auspicious it was that 2 weeks before talking to the Health Coach I started buying the sweet potato chips seen in the photo above.

You can order them from Fresh Direct online in New York City. Or ask at your local food market if they stock this product or could start getting it.

The simple ingredients: sweet potato olive oil sea salt.

Devorah vetted that this is a great snack to have in the afternoon with a little hummus to help extend my energy later in the day.

Other food to elevate my energy:

Have an avocado or hummus with my salad at lunch. Or have celery with peanut butter.

I tipped Devorah off to Hope brand plain hummus. It uses olive oil not natural flavor.

Natural flavor is a chemical additive found in Sabra hummus.

The better option is the Hope brand plain hummus.

I steer clear of natural flavor in food and drink products.

I steer clear of food products with unhealthy fats like sunflower or safflower oil or corn or canola or vegetable oil.

I steer clear of potato chips and pretzels except every so often.

Devorah vetted that it’s okay for me to have a pastry 2 to 3 times a month. Plus a hot chocolate a few times a month.

In the next blog entry I’ll talk more about what Devorah told me.

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