Life IS Fair

I realized yesterday that life IS fair. It’s fair because regardless of what happens to us we have control over how we respond.

It might seem odd that I say this yet it just might be true. My hope is that when people read my memoir they see that I fought to have a better life. This was my response when I was shunted into a second long-term day program.

I will always be averse to having a young person languish in a day program for longer than nine months. I recommend obtaining goal-setting services at an Intensive Psychiatric Rehabilitation Treatment (IPRT) program instead.

The wind-up is that a person can be successful later in life. Where you start is not where you have to remain.

I know a guy who collected a disability check all his life. At 55 he said: “This is it. I want to get a job helping people.” He got a job as a peer advocate and years later was able to retire.

It’s not ever over.

I’ll keep this blog entry short and repeat:

Where you start is not where you have to remain.

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