September 11, 2001 – 15th Anniversary

Every year on September 11th I write a blog entry about the World Trade Center attacks.

A guy I love more than life itself was a first responder.

He was a New York City firefighter who rushed into those burning buildings to save people.

This guy and others who lived now have PTSD because of their involvement.

I’ve written in this blog recently about trauma.

In effect a person can have PTSD even if they haven’t served in a war.

Any traumatic event can bring on an ongoing hard time after it happens.

Each of us living on earth needs to “get with the program” as the expression goes.

Hate, violence, killing, racism, and any other kind of bigotry or senseless judging has to STOP.

I abandoned organized religion for good after September 11, 2001.

Being told that it’s OK to kill in the name of God–that it’s OK to hate and judge in the name of God–that’s it’s OK to view a woman’s role in life solely as a breeder–is NOT right.

I’m not attracted to women romantically. I’ve only ever had the hots for guys. Yet when the Supreme Court legalized marriage for every couple living in America regardless of sexual preference I only cheered this and was proud to be American.

I don’t have the inclination, temperament, or desire to sit around judging people.

I do align as a Christian though I’m no fan of organized religion.

God gave everyone living on earth this time around a divine purpose for being here.

Finding out your life’s purpose and going and doing that will make all the difference in having a healthy, happy, and prosperous recovery.

My purpose is not to judge anyone else. My purpose is not to tell people what they should do.

My goal is to use my experience living in recovery to help uplift and inspire others to dream of having a better life.

Today more than ever having a full and robust life is possible.

Won’t you join me in stomping out the hate and stigma?

5 thoughts on “September 11, 2001 – 15th Anniversary

  1. Beautiful post, dear Chris.
    Thank you.

    I am with you in what you say, and with your friend and all those in New York who are living with the memories of 9/11, I can’t imagine how difficult it must be……

    I send love,
    all ways
    leslie, in baltimore city

  2. Dear Leslie,

    It cheers me to read your comments.

    I really don’t want to focus on what’s not right in the world.

    I prefer to seek out the positive and to surround myself with positive people.

    You truly are an inspiration.


    • Chris,

      Thank you from my ❤

      Negativity fosters more negativity, and the converse is true, I believe, when one seeks and dwells in positive thinking.

      Life, surely, is not one or the other.

      I believe it is the most useful of *skills* to learn and practice seeing the silver lining in everything.

      When my brother died ten years ago, I felt so blessed to have "had" him for 54 years.

      This is not Pollyannish. This is a way to navigate the "river of life".

      I am not sure many people in my day to day life would realize the degree of depression I live with.
      No matter. I have cultivated positive thinking and gratitude to live as best I can.

      Thank you, Friend.


      • Hi Leslie,

        Yes I do understand you and others. You are not alone. I understand the effort it takes for a depressed person to go out their front door. I have seen the smiles and kindness they give others out in public when on the inside they are hurting and in pain.

        If only a Nobel Prize was given out for these kinds of herculean efforts to maintain a semblance of cheer.

        It is a remarkable daily accomplishment to go out the front door and do this. Outsiders would not ever know the pain a person is feeling on the inside. I know. I understand. That is why there’s no judgment here.


      • Sending you so much love, so many thanks, and much gratitude for all your work, Chris!

        ❤ ❤

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