Don’t Give Up The Fight

A poster on a wall beckons: Don’t Give Up The Fight.

I will go to my grave fighting for the right of every person who experiences mental or emotional distress to get the right help right away to halt disability.

I’ve been employed as the Health Guide at HealthCentral’s schizophrenia website for nine years now. Easily five years ago I wrote at HealthCentral that sometimes getting out of bed warrants a recovery Nobel Prize.

It’s hard. I won’t discount how hard it is. Yet I prefer to focus on the positive because hope heals.

It’s possible I’m doing something right because this blog kicked off only seven months ago in the summer and a ton of readers are tuning in. I give a “mille grazie”-a thousand thank you’s-to every reader and to my loyal followers for tuning in.

It is part of my biology-my chemical nature-that I’m an eternal optimist. I was born with a fighting spirit to not give up. My mother had seven miscarriages before I was born. So I must have been determined to be born: to give my mother the baby she always wanted.

I tell you now and I will tell you always: don’t give up the fight to have a better life.
I understand that people diagnosed with schizophrenia and other mental illnesses often have to fight to be taken seriously. We have to fight to be given crumbs from the table when everyone else feasts at the banquet.

This is no joke. I do not take this lightly even though I have an irrepressible sense of humor.

Certainly it’s hard living with schizophrenia or another mental illness.
Yet the solution is not for the mainstream media to parrot the hell we’re in ad nauseam without offering ideas for solutions and techniques to make our lives easier.

At HealthCentral, I write news articles that focus on schizophrenia recovery strategies.

I’m going to end this blog entry with a request that readers post comments about future blog topics they might like me to write about. In the earlier incarnation of my blog a reader wanted me to write about negative symptoms and I obliged.

In the next blog entry I will talk about the beauty of hibernating in the winter.

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