Creating Our Ideal Lives

Marie Kondo was at it again with the book above that she published one year ago.

Kurashi is Japanese for “way of life” or “lifestyle.”

The way you live in your home can enable you to achieve your ideal life. Marie Kondo said that after doing the work her clients often were happy in their current home and stayed there. Or were able to move into their dream home a couple of years later.

Toying with using the word ideal has been hard. Then I realized that the ideal life is an authentic life. In this regard it IS possible to live your ideal life when you’re true to who you are and what your purpose is.

Each of us can thrive when we find our “kurashi” at home where we can be our authentic selves (and have beloved books on the shelves).

A tidying tip I recommend is to line up the spines of books right to the edge of the bookshelf. Refrain from placing objects in front of books. Presto–instant order joy and calm.

My intuition tells me that when we don’t like our living space it’s because we’re out of sync with ourselves.

Even in a bedroom in a halfway house a person can decorate with a poster of The Cure or listen to music or buy a colorful bedspread. We can make our homes our own wherever we live at any time in our life.

Right after turning 58 I started to embark on a new routine with atomic habits.

Was it the start of drinking water or the burst of spring cleaning that gave me more energy. On an odyssey I’ve been to create my own sustainable “kurashi” at home as I near 60.

In the new Marie Kondo book she has worksheets you can photocopy to write on to plan your day.

More in future blog entries about how I–a real person not a celebrity–changed her life for the better.

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