2023 Late Winter Lower Body Routine

  1. DB squat holding DBs by side (hold DB by each side DBs don’t move feet shoulder width apart & toes out) 8-10 pounds 12 reps
  2. Lunges with back foot on riser (left side first – keep feet flat on floor and lunge forward – hold DBs on each side) platform with one riser 5-8 pounds 10 each side
  3. Glute bridge on floor (lying flat DB on hips – push through feet to lift hips toward ceiling and squeeze glutes) 10 pounds 15 reps
  4. DB single leg Romanian dead lift (left side first DB in left hand and holding wall with right – only reach until you feel stretch) 8 pounds 12 each side
  5. DB calf raises using just platform no risers – 10 pounds 15 reps


Repetitive jump to rise (using both risers for platform – not too quickly) 20 jumps


Crunches with knees up (lift shoulders just enough to squeeze abs – then release) 15

Alternating fast-paced step-up on 1 riser 20+ steps


Leg raises – 15

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