Happy Birthdays

My mother and I met a woman who told us she was 88 years old and went to the gym every week.

88! And she goes to a gym!

The woman had creamy skin on her face (where were the wrinkles) and yellow not gray hair (could it be natural).

This phenom was dressed in a colorful outfit (no dastardly gray cashmere sweater).

That’s how I want to be when I’m old. I’ve come to accept that I will always dress like a teenager whatever my chronological age.

Why not aspire to be a red-hot octogenarian mamma?

Chances are not a lot of us lovely ladies will be doing a bench press at 80.

Yet I say we can continue to do some form of exercise.

The secret is to not regret that our glory days have passed.

Today is the greatest day (cue the Smashing Pumpkins song with that title).

So I’ll end here with this: today is yesterday’s tomorrow.

We should fill it to the brim with light love and laughter.

Because tomorrow might not come.

Having something to look forward to will give us joy at sixty and beyond.

Today is here. Let’s celebrate the day.

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