2022 Late Summer Upper Body Routine

  1. Push-ups (on floor; start standard; modify if necessary) As many as possible
  2. Bent Over KB Row (holding on to table / chair; pull KB up to squeeze side of back) 15 pounds 3 x12 reps each side
  3. KB Upright Row (hold with both hands; pull elbows as high as possible to feel shoulders) 10 pounds 3 x 12 reps
  4. KB Overhead Tricep Extension (hold handle with both hands with base side up; start above the head – bend elbows back then extend back towards ceiling) 10 pounds 3 x 12 reps
  5. DB Bicep Hammer Curl (standard curl with 3-second hold at the top of each curl) 8-10 pounds 3 x 12 reps


Medicine Ball Slams – 15 throws


Plank – As long as possible

Jump Rope Jumps 20-25 seconds


Ab hold – Lying on floor – hold feet up 2 inches for as long as possible

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