How to Eat Healthier – Part One

I’ve gotten on this kick to write about fitness and nutrition again.

There’s no complicated formula. And it’s not as simply as calories consumed versus calories burned off.

The secret to health lies in this one maxim: cut out the sugar, chemicals, and processed food and drink from your diet.

Without exception I can guarantee you that any food product company that makes an emotional claim as to why a boxed or wrapped food is good for you for is LYING.

Special K boasts that their cereal (made with artificial flavors) has 150 Nourishing Calories.

Funny, I didn’t know artificial flavors were nourishing.

Proving the point that 150 calories of junk isn’t worth eating when you can scramble an egg and have it with avocado for breakfast.

Kind Bars boast they have “Ingredients you can see and pronounce.”

Not so fast. Kind Bars are loaded with chemicals listed as “natural flavor.”

You can pronounce the word natural flavor. Yet it’s still a chemical.

The US government doesn’t regulate most chemicals used in food and drink products.

The USDA–whose staff are often food industry company insiders–allows food companies to use chemicals in products without having to list the chemical names.

So chemicals a mile long are listed as “natural flavor.”

Natural flavor is just as artificial as artificial flavor.

Readers, even Nutella isn’t real chocolate.

In the coming blog entry I’m going to talk about the real deal about other food and drink products.

What I’m going to talk about comes from the book How to Be Well: The 6 Keys to a Happy and Healthy Life.

Remember: any product with a seductive name or slick advertisement claim most likely isn’t as healthful as it appears.

Food companies use oils and chemicals that aren’t good to consume because using these cheap ingredients lowers the cost of the product.

Which might entice you to plunk down money to buy the product because it’s so cheap.

Wait a minute.

There’s a better way to save your wallet and your waistline at the same time.

I’ll talk about this next.




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