Cannellini and Escarole


This recipe is quick and easy and healthful:

Buy a head of escarole and a can of cannellini and a head of garlic.

Rinse escarole thoroughly in water to remove any residual dirt and dry with a paper towel.

Cut leaves off and saute in olive oil for about five minutes until the greens are soft and not fried. Add chopped garlic. (You can use garlic powder if you don’t have fresh.)

Halfway through sauteing add the cannellini and cook.

I’ve used habichuelos here which are the tiny version of cannellini.

Voila–in under ten minutes you can cook a dinner for one.

Add a stick of string cheese for a complete protein.


3 thoughts on “Cannellini and Escarole

  1. Great recipe, Chris. Thanks!
    I wish I could more consistently take care of myself, and that includes eating.
    Grateful to you.
    Leslie in Baltimore

  2. Dear Leslie,

    I would like to start giving out recipes again.

    The recipes I’d like to give out are all simple and easy to prepare.

    Some require eggs which I do eat. The only thing I don’t eat is meat.

    Kindness towards ourselves and others is the way to go right now.
    I’ve chosen to focus on the positive and to act for the greater good.


    • Thanks for your beautiful response.
      I never learned how to cook. I microwave, and do a lot of eating “out of the box”. I never have taken the time to even prepare simple dishes, nor do I consistently take care of myself in that way. If you ever self-published your recipes, perhaps for those of us living with mental illnesses, I surely would be interested.
      Self-care in general is one of my greatest challenges.
      Thanks, dear Chris.

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