It’s summer.

I’m revising and editing and adding to my second book on recovery. I hope to publish it within two years with a traditional publisher. It fills a need in the marketplace.

I’ll be able to give more details about the book in the fall. Right now I’m keeping it under wraps except to say the book has a passionate and professional voice. That’s how it differs from a clinical treatise that an M.D. would write.

In this season I’m going to research healthier food options and talk about them here.

I like the Amy’s Organic soups and Pacific Organic soups. I have soup year round for lunch and for dinner with a salad or vegetable or fish.

The Earthbound Farms organic spring mix salad greens container is not that expensive so it makes sense to buy this product instead of regular iceberg lettuce.

What we put in our heads–positive or negative–effects our mental health. What we consume in our mouths affects our health and in so doing this it effects our mental health too.

May through November is Greenmarket season so that gives a lot of us seven months of healthful food options to buy and to prepare.

I shop at local Greenmarkets because of the “No Pesticides” signs above the produce on the stands.

In coming weeks I’ll post more photos of meals with recipes.

More towards September I should have news about the second book.

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