New Year’s Resolutions

It’s coming up on the time when people make New Year’s resolutions. I think it’s more helpful to plan in terms of setting a goal you can achieve in three months / every season / and a goal you can achieve in one year.

The reality too is fare more real: fitness is forever. Allowing the number on a scale to dictate how you feel about yourself is most likely all too common. Thus the mad frenzy to join a gym on January 1st.

I say: examine your motivation. Ask yourself “Why do I want to do this __________________(lose weight or whatever you want to do)? Be clear that you’re setting a goal that is specific measurable achievable relevant and time-sensitive.

Remember too that planning in terms of a life-line instead of a deadline is the strategy that has helped me and might help other people and stop us from quitting or getting upset if we don’t do what we set out to as quickly as we hoped.

Case in point: it takes time to get fit–whether you’re striving for physical or emotional conditioning.

What I find helps is to think of the long-term outcome you want to achieve instead of berating yourself for not doing what you wanted to do in one week here and there.

The cumulative effect to me counts more than any temporary slip-up along the way. I’m living proof: I’ve gotten here–to 50–even though I have a diagnosis.

We each of us need to remember that the grass isn’t greener over there–we’re responsible for watering our own grass and planting the seeds of goals and tending to our own beautiful green and glorious garden.

This takes time. “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” Just Do It. And Keep Doing It. Whatever “it” is that is sustainable for you in terms of a lifestyle.

Chances are not everyone is an Athlete archetype. This explains why not a lot of us are taking spinning classes five days a week and competing in marathons. That’s OK.

The point is to set a S.M.A.R.T. goal not chase after a New Year’s Resolution. I prefer to set goals in the fall and in the spring.

I joined the gym in March when I was 39. You see: it’s not ever too late to make a positive change. Investing in yourself at any age is the gift that keeps on giving.

During this season that is supposed to be of good cheer and peace to all on earth I wish that readers of this blog can find pockets of joy and happiness inside the challenges we all face living our lives in whatever we’re in recovery from.

Happy Thursday!

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