I wanted to write about how changing your perception can change your life. Thinking positively is possible if you decide to shift your focus to what’s going right in your life and in the world.

If you focus on the negative, you won’t have the ability to change your life because you’ll be stuck in an endless tape loop of negativity.

I’m going to give an analogy that is corny yet it is quite effective. My friend thought this up so I can’t take the credit. He told me: “There’s ten weeks until spring.” So I decided to keep a Spring-O-Meter to count down each week until spring arrives.

In reality, the winter is the exact length of time that other seasons are. It can seem longer because it’s colder and it snows often. So as far as seasons go, it’s not my favorite. My favorite time is the late summer into early fall.

Thus I realized if I focused on the weeks until spring arrived I would be able to be proactive in the winter.

Another truth comes courtesy of a Beyonce quote:

“If you live your life with kindness and give other people a great energy, that beauty and great energy come back to you.”

You’ve most likely met a person whose rudeness or other negative behavior is like a dead weight when you meet them: it sinks you down right away and you feel oppressed just being around them.

I don’t want to be that dead weight. As winter continues, I seek in my blogs to uplift and inspire readers throughout these cold, cruel months.

Take heart. Spring is soon to be only 9 weeks away. Hibernate in the winter and be OK with this fallow period. Spring will come again and with it the chance to bumble about outside.

I’ll write in here next week about doing spring cleaning in January to beat the winter blues and blahs.

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