Happy Thanksgiving

A Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers of the blogs.

I’m confident when I tell you that a person diagnosed with schizophrenia or bipolar or another mental illness can have things to be thankful for.

I recognize and understand that sometimes getting up and getting through the day is hard. That every time we do this we get no assist from others. We get labeled as crazy because we have a no-fault brain disorder.

The brain is a part of the body and these things are also physical illnesses that impact our lives. Why single these illnesses out as mental illnesses and not physical medical conditions like any other. The part of the body they happen to strike is the brain.

A guy I know told me once, “The brain is the most complex organ and it gives up its secrets reluctantly.”

Whether you eat turkey or not, however much you stuff yourself today or don’t, be grateful. Find things to be thankful for.

I’ll end here with my foolproof eating plan for Thanksgiving: skimp on the real food to save room for the dessert. I follow this rule at Christmas too when the platter du jour is prime rib. I don’t eat prime rib nor any other meat except chicken and turkey. So I load up on vegetables and always have the sweet potato.

Kindness helps at holiday time. We need to be kind to ourselves and others in this season when not everyone is jolly and the holiday blues could come on.

Think of one good thing you like about yourself to be grateful for.

Write a letter to or telephone the people who you’re thankful for.

I thank each and every reader for tuning in to this blog and posting comments when you’re able.

One thought on “Happy Thanksgiving

  1. So much to be grateful for! I am grateful for you, Chris Bruni, and your work.
    Lots of love,
    Leslie in Baltimore

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