Overcoming Doubt: Put Your Binders On

This blog will talk about techniques in my book.

I wanted to detail using binders. You can put your blinders on in a good way to be blind to the self-doubt that comes on.

The doubt will come on as surely as church bells chime out every hour in some places. The self-doubt is a part of life. To overcome doubt I recommend using binders to store information on different topics to keep you armed with hope and faith that you can do what you want to do.

I have binders for goals, recipes, fitness and fashion. The fashion binder is a look book of magazine photos I’ve torn out to refer to for possible outfits to create. The fitness binder contains Internet print-outs on health and nutrition. The goals binder documents the things I want to achieve throughout my life.

In Flourish I detail a specific strategy for setting goals.

I recommend using binders because they’re handy reference tools for quickly getting information at your fingertips to help you succeed in life.

Buy the ones with clear sleeves on the front and back so that you can insert inspirational quotes on the covers to read to be uplifted. Get tabbed dividers to section out each sub-topic.

I will talk shortly in the Reviews section of my WordPress site about a magazine that’s nifty for finding information to place in binders.

Each of us can use our doubt as a motivating force to be resilient and tackle new goals. Using the binders can help in this regard.

I’d love to hear from others who might use this technique. Has it worked for you? What else can you recommend?

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