2022 Late Summer Lower Body Routine

1.KB Sumo Squat (feet wider than shoulders) 15 pounds 3 x 12 reps

2.Single Arm KB Swing (swing between legs and push forward with hips) 10 pounds 3 x 10 reps each side

3.DB Glute Bridge (lying on floor – DB on hips – press hips up towards ceiling and squeeze glutes) 15 pounds 3 x 12 reps

4.KB Hamstring Dead-lift (legs straight – hinge at hips to reach forward – feel stretch in hamstrings) 10-15 pounds 3 x 12 reps

5.DB Side Lunge (hold DB by chest – lunge alternately to each side – keep feet flat) 5-10 pounds 10 each side


Medicine Ball Slams – side to side – 15 throws


Ab crunch (lying flat – lift shoulders off floor to squeeze stomach) 15 reps

High knees – 20 seconds


Leg Raises – alternating legs – 20 leg raises

2021 Summer Lower Body Routine

Kettle bell squat (holding kettle bell @ chest) after each squat do a knee raise alternating legs 10-15 pounds 12-16 reps

Single leg Romanian deadlift (reach until you feel stretch in hamstring) 10 reps

Reverse lunges holding dumbbell high in 1 hand and low in the other 5-8 pounds 8 lunges each side

Donkey / glute kicks (starting on all 4s – alternately kick feet straight back to squeeze glutes

Alternating lateral lunges (feet wider than shoulders opposing leg straight – working leg bent – back and fourth)


Burpees 12 reps


V-shaped crunches 15 reps

Jumps side to side and front to back 20 jumps


Side planks (as many seconds as possible) 2 sets each side