I’ve decided to devote Mondays to finances since living well without going into debt can be a challenge.

The first Money Monday focuses on an initiative that President Obama created. Remember him? He did a lot of good–and announcing the Opportunity at Work program was one thing.

TechHire was created to help individuals living in the U.S. obtain good jobs without college degrees.

The link to TechHire is at the end of this blog entry.

No more flipping burgers or managing people that flip burgers.

Instead of reawakening the fossil fuel coal industry Mr. Toupee our current president (whose real name I won’t use) should expand and improve the TechHire program.

In coming blog entries I will talk more about personal finances.

Getting a paycheck is one thing. Holding on to our money for an emergency is another thing.

And in the future I would like to give details about how to effectively negotiate getting a worthy pay raise on the job.

See TechHire here. And Opportunity at Work here.