Career Search Help

Over the years I’ve taken some tests that have given possible careers I would be good at.

For a fee you can take the Kolbe A Index test.

Years ago I was able to take this quiz for free as part of a National Heart Health Month promotion. My Natural Advantage is that of an Entrepreneur according to the Kolbe A Index.

A few years ago when I started this blog I wrote about the Career Matchmaker quiz available on the Career Cruising database.

You can take this quiz for free if you have a Brooklyn Public Library library card. The Career Cruising database can be used on the Brooklyn Public Library website.

It’s accessed via the Learn link and then by clicking on Learning Resources. There you’ll see a list of databases that are free to use with your library card barcode and password.

Your own public library system might have the Career Cruising database or a different career database.

The Career Matchmaker quiz generates a list of your Top 40 careers. Three of my Top 40 careers were writer, career counselor, and activist. They were listed as Very Good Matches.

I took this quiz 14 years after I started my librarian job. Librarian was also one of the Top 40 careers.

This test if you ask me is a great free resource along with the career information on the Career Cruising database.

Another way of finding out what your best possible career might be I have to tell you is numerology.

I recommend the website Creative Numerology

The Personal Profile is not cheap. It costs $95 for a PDF version you can print up.

Yet it can provide eerily accurate intelligence about your life purpose.

I’ve been told not to write about numerology in terms of using it to help discover your ideal career. Yet I would be remiss in not offering this as an option for those of you who are willing to go down this route as one of your job search strategies.

My own Profile stated I should be involved in humanitarian efforts as part of my job. So you can see there’s something to this.

Lastly: I’ve taken the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test which has been the subject of a new book titled The Personality Brokers. I was able to be given the test for free when I talked with a therapist who was also a career counselor by day.

The equivalent personality type test is the Keirsey Temperament Sorter.

You can take this for free on the Keirsey website. It’s just as good as the formal Myers-Briggs.

In a coming blog entry I’m going to talk more about career discovery options for peers. Today there are more and better options for what you can do living in recovery.


Interesting Career Fit Information

I wanted to write about interesting career fit information.

In 2014 I took the Career MatchMaker quiz on the Career Cruising database.

Since I recommended that library patrons take this quiz I wanted to see what careers the questionnaire would give me.

You answer questions and are given a list of Top 40 Careers.

In my scenario: Writer, Motivational Speaker, and Activist were Very Good Matches.

The quiz can tell you if a career is a Very Good Match, Good Match, or Fair Match.

Interestingly Librarian was listed yet it was only a Fair Match.

I bring this up because nothing’s written in stone. I’ve been a librarian so far for over 18 years.

So I wanted to write about this quirk of career testing.

To give you encouragement in your own quest to find a job you’d like to do and would be good at.

Image Consultant was also listed in my Top 40 possible careers. It was a Good Match.

So you can see there’s a wide latitude you have when you embark on finding and choosing the kind of job or jobs you’d like to pursue doing.

I find it interesting that a person can work at a career that is only a Fair Match and be quite successful.