Speaking Engagements

Here I will give the details of the public speaking engagements I will be giving throughout the year.

The latest gig I did was for NAMI-Metro in New York City where I talked at their Media and Advocacy Group meeting. I talked freely from memory and the members kept asking me lively questions throughout. It lasted for about an hour and ten minutes. I talked about how the media focuses on superstar overachievers with schizophrenia and doesn’t give a platform to ordinary people who struggle every day with this illness. I talked also about the Left of the Dial lifestyle which is a way to be brave and be yourself to counter the stigma and kick it to the curb.

My next talk is in two weeks at Pride of Judea to individuals 50 and older. I’m in that target market in April when I turn 50 so I’m excited to pump up the members about how you can love your life as you get older because you get the chance to do your own thing. A second or third act is possible. It can be a great time in your life to live joyously, creatively and passionately.

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