Setting Up a Home Gym 3.0

To set up a home gym I recommend getting this equipment: A 36-inch foam roller. A set of 5-pound, 8-pound, and 10-pound dumbbells. (Use a set of 5-pounders to start. Or 2-pound dumbbells first if you’re out of shape. As your routine gets easier add the 8- and 10-pound sets.) A 10- or 15-pound kettlebell. … Continue reading “Setting Up a Home Gym 3.0”

Setting Up a Home Gym

I’ve exercised in my living room two or three times since I was thrown into the role of caregiver for my mother. You don’t need an expensive gym membership to work out every week. You can go on YouTube to watch videos to see how to perform different exercises. For a cost of $90 or … Continue reading “Setting Up a Home Gym”

The Inspired Vegan

The photo is the cover of a book I bought when it was first published in 2012. Bryant Terry is a food activist who founded b-healthy in New York City. His goal was to train young people as food educators. To help them buy and eat and advocate for healthful food. From The Inspired Vegan … Continue reading “The Inspired Vegan”

Losing Weight and Keeping It Off

In only ONE YEAR from the time I was 22 until I turned 23 I gained 20 pounds. In ONE YEAR. When my mother is with me when I’m giving a talk she turns to the audience members and tells them: “Chris was a former chubby.” Thanks, Mom. I wouldn’t use the term chubby  or … Continue reading “Losing Weight and Keeping It Off”

The Snob Diet

Years ago I remember reading in a magazine–was it Glamour–about the Snob Diet. The editors claimed this diet works. I’m no fan of diets. No–I didn’t ever go on a diet when I lost 20 pounds in my twenties. Though I gained a little in the form of muscle I’ve dropped one pant and one … Continue reading “The Snob Diet”

Getting Happy

How it went down: I told a person I was going to the gym. She said: “Why don’t you go to a movie?” It was a gray, rainy, soggy day. I could detect a lack of understanding about my preferred get-happy activity. For the cost of a $15 movie ticket I’d rather install an e-book … Continue reading “Getting Happy”

Self-Care 101

Like I wrote in here recently you have to expect that setbacks will happen. It’s not a matter of if but when you’ll experience a setback. As this is true it’s imperative to adapt to the changes happening in your life. You need to be flexible and open to doing things differently. Be flexible  while … Continue reading “Self-Care 101”

Bruni’s 3-Month Challenge

I want to write about goal-setting again. I haven’t ever had a New Year’s resolution. I don’t make New Year’s resolutions. Again I refer readers to the book Changeology for realizing goals and resolutions using a scientifically verified 90-day action plan. My own 3-Month Challenge that I’ll record and document in here is to do … Continue reading “Bruni’s 3-Month Challenge”

Changeology: Step One: Psych

On the upper right of this blog where there’s text I inserted a new quote. It’s well worth it to read and remember the quote. Here it is in case you can’t see the quote right away on your cell phone screen: “Proceed as if Success is Inevitable.” – Unknown This week I’ve started Step … Continue reading “Changeology: Step One: Psych”