Saying Goodbye to SSI or SSDI

Disclaimer: I understand that a lot of people can’t hold a job and need to collect SSI or SSDI.

Yet even in this scenario the definition of a “job” can be expanded to doing volunteer work or singing in a choir or playing guitar in a band. Doing whatever gives you joy.

On the other hand:

It’s possible to go down the path of finding the job you love, earning a livable salary from it, and renting or owning your own home.

Last week I had an experience that illuminated a hidden truth.

People with disabilities are told we’re “courageous” for battling what goes on.

The truth would be harder for the able-ist folk to understand:

A lot of people with disabilities simply think that what we want to do is possible.

We expect that we can get out of life the things we want. Just like non-disabled people.

Faced with naysayers who tell us these things can’t be done:

We plot and plan how to get what we know it’s our right to have.

I have met a person who I like to think thought: “Why can’t I?”

You and I and everyone facing a challenge shouldn’t be deterred.

One person who wasn’t deterred I have had the honor and privilege of meeting.

This was a person who wanted to get a professional job even though they used a service dog. And they got their dream job. The dog goes with them to meetings.

You and I and everyone should be thinking: “What if?” and “Why not?”

As a fortune cookie stated:

The best angle from which to approach a problem is the TRYangle.

SSDI gives a person a 9-month Trial Work Period (TWP) during which you can still collect government benefits.

SSI benefits are reduced by a dollar for every dollar you earn.

Collecting government benefits and holding a job is sometimes possible too.

My stance is that I’m rooting for those of us who want to get a job they’d love doing.

The reality that a person can use their service dog on a job is the greatest inspiration.

In the coming Money Monday blog entry I’m going to talk about building up a cushion of cash that will enable you to take the leap into finding your dream job.

Having this emergency fund will help you weather any financial disasters that happen when you’re employed.


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