Information Interviews – Part Two

You should dress in a professional way when you meet someone to talk about their job.

For women a pantsuit would be appropriate or a skirted suit. Or other modern not casual attire.

For men this would be a suit. Or other modern attire that is not casual either.

Bring a smart portfolio with a notepad inside to take notes. Tells the person you’d like to take notes.

Show up on time. Even though it’s not an actual interview.  You can show up 10 minutes early not any earlier.

Figure out beforehand the best transit route to get there.

Ideally, you’ll meet others in person for the purpose of getting an information interview.

Yet regardless of whether you meet in person or simply get the OK to send them your questions via e-mail other options exist:

You can chat with them via FaceTime or Skype or other video chat device.

Again, dress sharp even if you’re at home at your desk Skyping with this person. Remove the clutter from your background.

You can practice or role play conducting the interview with a friend or other peer or therapist.

I’ll end here with this: it’s possible to obtain just enough detailed information about a job or career or particular business from Internet and LinkedIn research.

Think like a businessperson. Seek out information about new jobs and careers coming up on the horizon. Jobs exist today that were unheard of 10 years ago.

And remember: to enjoy yourself as you navigate the process of looking for work.

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