Career Pathfinder Options

It’s possible to find your right-fit career without wasting undue time in a series of jobs that aren’t right for you.

This is where taking into consideration what I’ve written could give you ideas. The career databases talked about in the last blog entry might help.

The tip about the numerology chart I don’t give lightly or out of the blue. When you resist doing what you’re called to do in this particular lifetime: you can have added stress, not be effective at your job, and be far from happy with how your life is.

It turned out that I couldn’t and wouldn’t be successful in a buttoned-up corporate office. I needed to have a job where I could be creative and where I could call the shots.

How can you figure out what jobs to rule out or pass on? I say: it comes down to your personality.

Taking a long hard look at your past failures if you’ve had any will give you an idea. Thinking about a job you had that you particularly liked will help too.

If you haven’t had a job before perhaps the information I’ve given in these blog entries can help you narrow down your first career avenue to go down.

Your first job might not be ideal. Yet it can give you the skills, experience, and knowledge to use as the springboard for finding your next job.

I recommend working in a public library for those of us loathe to wear a suit and tie or a skirted suit to our jobs.

If a person isn’t temperamentally suited to work in an office tons of other careers exist.

In the next blog entry I’ll talk in detail about doing an information interview with people who are already employed.

It’s a good way to find out about various careers.

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