The Business of You – Part Two

My experience shows that where you start out working isn’t always where you should continue.

In 1990 my choice to take a job as an administrative assistant hinged on earning money so I could live in my own apartment.

Seven months after starting this first job I moved into a studio near the beach.

This job led me down the rabbit hole of pursuing an ill-fitting career.

I was young. I wanted to make tons of money. I thought this is what you did: work in corporate offices.

Boy, was that a mistake.

Going out of the frying pan of the insurance field jobs into the fire of a law office job only prolonged my career distress.

Managing the Business of You is predicated on knowing yourself and what your ideal work environment is.

That’s where doing information interviews and getting internships or doing volunteer work in different fields can help you narrow down the kind of workplace you thrive in.

Just thinking of the miserable time I spent in those office jobs gives me agony.

The purpose in interviewing people who work at various jobs is to see the possibilities that await you.

The fact is numerous careers exist as of today 2019.

Veering off the beaten path can help you find the job that’s the right fit.

Using the Occupational Outlook Handbook can help you research careers. In addition O*Net online offers information on various jobs.

When you collect SSI or SSDI there’s no rush to jump into taking the first job that comes your way.

I don’t recommend settling for less even though I took an administrative assistant job so that I could book out of public housing quickly.

There are better options and more options for the kinds of jobs you can do today.

In the next blog entry I’ll talk about tests you can take that could help you figure out better options for your ideal career.

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