Disability Employment Awareness Month Podcast

I write in this blog on a spectrum of topics relevant to having a full and robust life.

I mostly write about fitness which has multiple expressions: I advocate for fitness of body, mind, spirit, career, relationships, and finances.

In Bari Tessler’s latest e-mail (she’s the author of The Art of Money) she talks about financial milestones occurring at different times for each of us. We shouldn’t compare ourselves to others when we achieve money victories later than other people do.

In this regard recovery is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor either. I’m fairly open in this blog about what happened to me. My true success in life occurred only after I turned 35 and started working as a librarian.

What I write I’m confident can empower people who don’t have mental health issues too.

In the interview I did for the NPO Media podcast I wanted to demonstrate how pursuing a career that’s the right fit with your personality can help you recover. I also offer hope to family members whose loved ones are in recovery.

The podcast is just under 29 minutes.

I talk in my expressive Italian voice. As my friend recorded me speaking I actually started flailing my hands in front of me. My voice gets animated the more passionately I talk about the topic of career fitness.

Here’s the link to the NPO Media podcast.

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