Latest Book News

I’m working on a second book titled You Are Not Your Diagnosis.

It’s a school and career guide for mental health peers.

To this end I have started up my Facebook Author page again.

The link to the Facebook page is at the very bottom of my website

Since I’m starting to publish numerous books both fiction and nonfiction I’m committed to using my Facebook Author page more consistently.

I’m a reluctant user of Facebook after a person signed me up for an anti-psychiatry Facebook Group without my permission circa four years ago.

This person didn’t ask me if I wanted to join. She signed me up without my knowledge. When I found out I deactivated my personal account.

I still don’t like to interact with people on a personal Facebook page.

My intent in having a Facebook Author page is to communicate information and inspiration to mental health peers.

This to me is a great way to stay in contact with readers and give people who Like my page a valuable service.

For better or worse social media is here to stay as a relationship-building tool.

Since I find my always-optimistic preaching that “There’s always hope” isn’t always welcome on certain Facebook Groups:

I decided the best way to communicate my message is to start up my Facebook Author page.

In this blog over the last over three years I’ve championed “Recovery for Everyone.”

I will always maintain that the goal to shoot for is to have a full and robust life.

I’m a family member as well as a peer with lived experience.

I understand that coping with our loved one’s illness can be a roller coaster.

Still I maintain: there’s always hope.

Recovery for one person might involve being able to get up and take a shower and go to a coffeehouse for for the day.

Recovery for another person might indeed be having a job as a CEO.

Everyone struggles. There’s a purpose in the pain though that purpose might be hidden.

I simply want to create things of beauty to share with others to make them feel good.

Giving others joy: I say YES to giving others joy.

We don’t need anymore negative chatter in the world.


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