Librarians of Tomorrow Teen Internship

Librarians of Tomorrow Teen Internship Program details:

Want to make a difference in your community? Brooklyn Public Library is now recruiting motivated high school students from diverse backgrounds with an interest in library services to apply for an innovative, hands-on internship program!

New York City teens in grades 10-12 are welcome to apply for a chance to build academic, college, and career readiness skills with support from a mentor.

Choose from a variety of program tracks, including Digital Media, Humanities, and Youth and Family Services, while earning a stipend and volunteer service hours.


For further information on how to apply, please visit us online at, or contact us at 718.230.2406 or

This project was made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services RE-95-17-00-16-17.

According to a news article in the Washington Post:

“If President Trump gets his way, the institute, along with 18 other agencies, will be eliminated. It finances programs at 123,000 libraries and 35,000 museums.”

Yes, Mr. Toupee is giving the ax to the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

This means no more funding for programs like Librarians of Tomorrow Teen Internship.

Now that Mr. Toupee’s Tax Plan gives Steep Tax Cuts to Corporations he has to make up for the Loss in Tax Revenues by Robbing Money from Other Budget Sources: notably anything dealing with HUMAN-ities.

Need I say more? If you are in grades 10-12 and live in Brooklyn, NY or know of a teen to tell who qualifies for this program, you’d better apply soon or have the teen apply soon.

Your tax dollars are going to be diverted from these kinds of opportunities and put into–where exactly will the funding money be going now?

Something to think about.

Mr. Toupee: you don’t have to give me a $12,000 standard deduction on my income tax form. I for one don’t want any money that could be spent on funding the humanities.

Mr. Toupee’s Tax Plan will REPEAL:

The ability to deduct Student Loan Interest on your Tax Return.

The ability to deduct Medical Expenses on your Tax Return.

The ability to deduct Mortgage Interest on your Tax Return

You will no longer be able to deduct these expenses on your tax form.

I urge you to apply right away if you fit the criteria for this Librarians of Tomorrow internship and live in Brooklyn, NY.

In a coming blog entry I will detail Mr. Toupee’s plan to repeal the ADA Act provision that requires businesses to be wheelchair accessible.

You betcha, pretty soon businesses will no longer have to be wheelchair accessible.



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