On the Calendar for 2017

I want to talk about something I refer to in the second book I’m trying to get published.

It’s linked to the blog entry I published Thursday on the Left of the Dial blog.

The last I checked the calendar in my apartment it was 2017. Check the calendar where you live. Does it say 2017? Good.

I refer in the book to the idea that you should think before you speak and think before you act. It related to how you interact with coworkers on a job.

I’ve had the experience of having a person offload onto an audience their experience with a microaggression.

Google the term. It’s unbelievable to me that these kinds of hateful and hurtful comments go on circa today 2017.

May I ask why it seems a lot of people think they’re better than other people who are viewed as different?

What I write in the second book refers to how to act on the job and in the workplace.

In the coming weeks I’ll be writing about job topics.

In this blog entry now I’ll end by reiterating that there’s no excuse for the hate in the world.

Each of us can do the right thing regardless of how our family acted. We can break the chain of any hate that was passed down over the years. We do not have to continue in the vein of our families.

I urge readers to think before you speak. Think before you act.

What people living in the world need now more than anything is love.

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