What’s Happening

I’ve just printed up four copies of a manuscript and been editing the copies since two weeks ago.

The book is now skeletal in a good way: it’s shorter and has competitive information for mental health peers.

I’m keeping the title and the specifics under wraps. I hope to publish this book in one year–in October 2018 in time for Disability Employment Awareness Month.

My literary agent is confident that I should take a break from this book project and enjoy the coming weekend.

This weekend I would like to publish another Meal Plan here.

I’ll also publish in this Flourish blog  a complementary version of a blog entry linked to the blog entry I published today at the Left of the Dial blog.

Really when I titled my memoir Left of the Dial it was a prescient tactic. Now I’ve immortalized in print what I think is a healthier way to live your life.

I’ll be talking more about this in the two blogs in the coming days.

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