3rd Anniversary of Flourish Blog

This month celebrates the 3rd anniversary of the Flourish blog.

In 2007, I started to keep the first incarnation of my blog. It’s out there; I just don’t know how it can be found. Google shut down an account of mine and this prevented me from continuing to post blog entries there.

The second blog I kept after that I chose to deactivate for public reading once I started keeping this blog.

This Flourish blog celebrates its 3rd anniversary this month.

I send out a million thanks to all my faithful readers and to the readers who come and go every so often. I send out a million thanks to all my loyal followers.

I keep this blog because I’m committed to advancing a positive portrayal of recovery.

Of what happens when “psychiatry gets it right.”

Not only that to show that each of us has the power to create our own version of a full and robust life for ourselves.

It might be true that if I were anti-psychiatry I’d get more followers or more clicks or more eyeballs.

Yet this is my blog where I choose to be in the vanguard as always by writing in a passionate voice about health, wealth, and happiness.

Right now I choose not to focus on illness, symptoms, and medication.

Other websites exist that focus on this information.

Instead, I choose to focus on fitness in all its myriad forms.

Fitness is comprised of mind, body, spirit, finances, career, and relationships.

My goal in the coming summer for this blog is to be bold and be innovative in advancing my agenda that peers can achieve their own version of a full and robust life.

This is going to be a different lifestyle for each of us.

Yet I think we can all agree that staying out of a hospital is a noble goal that can often be achieved for a lot of us.

Years ago–going back fifteen years ago–I was keen to tell people that the medication gave me a life worth living. Right now I choose not to talk about this aspect of my recovery. I choose to talk about lifestyle strategies instead.

This is because a person recovers not solely because of the medication. You recover because of the actions you take. Helping yourself–and reaching out for help when you can’t go it alone–makes all the difference.

In this blog and at the Left of the Dial blog I’m going to touch-up and refresh what I write about to remain innovative.

Here’s to the next 3 years!

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