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Hi there–I can’t say I really know how to track back to another blog. One person has wanted me to do this. What I can do is give a link to her blog here about her own life.

Now that I’ve been a mental health advocate for 15 years I’m no longer keen to battle it out with the haters and anti-psychiatry crowd that have taken over the media.

Instead I will talk about taking pills in my own life only when it seems right to do so.

The blog I link to I haven’t read all the posts for yet the ones I’ve read seem amazing. Just read it for yourself to decide.

This fall I’ll have been in recovery for 30 years with no ill health–absolutely no ill health–from taking medication.

We must all accord each other dignity. Thus the purpose in having part of my vision stated thus: “To champion the freedom to choose our own life path.”

I choose to take medication. It’s gotten me where I am today. For others, a different option is possible.

We’re not to attack each other for the choices we make.

Respect me and my choice. I’ll respect you and your choice.

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