The Right Line

In remembering my time as the Health Guide at the HealthCentral website one thing stands out: I corresponded with people from all over the world– India, Africa, Saudi Arabia–everywhere.

The great thing about the Internet is this type of human connection without borders. We have the chance to hear each other’s stories and take away from these stories a bit of hope for our own lives to matter to others.

I have a photographic memory–no cognitive impairment–and I remember the people that wrote to me and corresponded with me.

We’re all human beings doing the best we can with what we were given. I submit that we all want the same thing: for someone’s eyes to light up when they see us; to be acknowledged; to be accorded dignity and have our worth affirmed.

There’s still a lot of hate in the world–and the media loves to give the haters a platform for their hurtful rhetoric and stigma.

The great thing about the blogosphere in particular is that anyone anywhere in the world can speak out and be heard and listened to and hopefully the compassionate writers will gain a following.

I have decided what the purpose of my life’s work is going to be from here on in regardless of whether anyone else pays me to advance this vision.

My vision is framed thus:

To affirm the dignity and worth of all human beings; to honor and embrace our individuality; and to champion the freedom to choose our own life path.

The day is here to rise up and be heard. A blog is a creative medium for self-expression yet it’s more than this. Keeping a blog is an honor I don’t take lightly and it’s because we should choose our words carefully.

Finding what I heard called “the right line” is imperative. We must choose our words carefully and we must choose how we act towards other people carefully.

Today we can chart our own course.

We have the choice to reject the hate and violence.

We have the choice to defy other people’s expectations.

We have the right to be here living on earth alongside everyone else.

Forget the so-called stigma.

This is my credo:

I believe in the power of love to ignite hope and healing.

I believe in the power of the human spirit to triumph over adversity.

Today is the day when each of us can make a difference.

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