Starting Out In Recovery

I’m going to write again about topics in the book I’m working on publishing next.

In terms of goals the simplest form of a goal is an item on a to-do list.

First starting out a person might want to limit themselves to tackling a bare-bones to-do list.

Yet this also makes sense at any point in your life. One way is to focus on realistic and achievable goals.

It takes 21 days to change a behavior.

It makes sense to me to start each month by writing down a goal on an index card to refer to. Break the goal into weekly sub-goals.

In the fourth week at the end of the month review what you did to achieve the goal and plan the next month’s goal.

It does seem that “compartmentalizing” this way can help a person feel less overwhelmed by the big picture. Breaking things down into steps can make things manageable.

John C. Norcross wrote about a  scientifically-proven method of changing behavior in Changeology. That’s a great book you can check out of the library if you can’t afford to buy it.

I’ll write next in here about setting goals when you’re farther along in recovery.

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