Year In Review

I want to thank everyone for reading this blog throughout the years.

It’s actually been 10 years since I first kept a blog. The other blogs are defunct and no longer available.

In 2007 I won an award as one of the Top 5 SZ blogs. Since then I’ve evolved what I write about yet I’ve always wanted to focus on the positive.

My goal is to uplift and inspire others that having your own version of a full and robust life is possible. Focus on what you can do and be and have instead of dwelling on and regretting what you can’t have.

In 2017 I would like to kick off the new year writing about setting goals.

I’ll end here by thanking everyone who’s bought a copy of Left of the Dial–my memoir and first book.

My literary agent is pitching my second book to editors soon. I hope to have news about this book shortly.

Enjoy the holidays if you celebrate a holiday now.

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