Summertime Strategies Part Two

More summertime strategies when you take medication:

Avoid beaches.

Along with the other tips, it makes sense to stay indoors in an air conditioned room, whether at home, in a mall, a movie theater or at the library. If your electrical provider suggests minimizing the use of electricity in your home: consider going to a cooling center. In New York City, certain buildings like libraries are designated as cooling centers. Log on to the NYC website to find a cooling center.

Not only must you cool yourself: spending hours in direct sunlight causes skin cancer.

Prevent or reduce your risk of skin cancer by wearing a broad-spectrum sunscreen that blocks both UVA and UVB rays. Use sunscreen year-round.  Apply sunscreen with an SPF of 15 in the cooler months and an SPF of 30 to 50 in the summer outdoors. Use a shot glass-sized amount on your body and a teaspoonful amount on your face. Reapply every hour if you’re outdoors.

Store your medication at the manufacturer’s suggested temperature.

Keep your pill bottles in the kitchen in a drawer or basket or in a pantry not in a medicine cabinet in the bathroom at risk of humidity

Travel with confidence.

On the plane, get up every half hour and walk to the restroom even if you don’t use it.  Keep your legs active to improve circulation and prevent thrombosis or other vein problems.

Travel to U.S. government-sanctioned tourist spots. Learn a few language phrases instead of consulting a book while you’re there.

Dress well to avoid being an easy mark for rip-offs. Wear sport shoes or comfortable loafers to walk around. Nix wearing jeans and a message tee shirt.  Leave valuable jewelry at home.

Research the local community. “When in Rome, do as the Romans do” for good measure.

In Rome especially and in other areas you need to be aware of gypsies that will distract your attention to steal your wallet.

If you use a foreign ATM: secure your money in your wallet in your pocketbook before you turn from the machine. Men: keep your wallet in your front pocket.

Carry a cell phone that can be used wherever you go.

Observe customary tipping guidelines and tip well for exceptional service.

Refrain from having your credit card swiped out of your view.  A friend was a victim of fraud in Brazil because of this and had thousands charged on his credit card while he vacationed there.Shop at your local Greenmarket or Farmers Market to stock up on healthful produce.

In New York State, you can use food stamps to buy produce at Greenmarkets.

While not cheap, the offerings don’t contain GMOs (genetically-modified food) or pesticides so they are more nutritious than processed foods bought in a supermarket.

Splurge: you only live here once in this lifetime.

Most of all, enjoy the season. If you stay indoors at home, call friends and family on the phone to keep in touch.

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